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Your Boobies Are Tired of Bra Bulge Holding Them Back

bra bulge

bra bulgeUgh. Bra bulge is just the worst, right? Okay, maybe there are more terrible things in the world. Still, though, bra bulge could be holding your boobies back from their full potential. So, what’s a gal to do in the face of unflinching bra bulges? Just give up and resign yourself to a life of having squishy armpits? Not necessary, because you’ve got options.

Liposuction for Your Lady Lumps

Getting rid of bra bulge might be the key to allowing your boobs to be their most glorious selves.

Good old liposuction could be the cure for unsightly bra bulge. A good plastic surgeon can carefully remove the fat responsible for creating those pesky bumps, delicately and discreetly sculpting away your bra bulges to showcase yourbodacious boobies. It’s done in the same way as regular lipo, using a cannula to suck the fat right out of you, except it’s on your lady bulges.

CoolSculpting® for Non-Surgical Bulge-Busting

CoolSculpting is a totally non invasive way to battle those bra bulges that’s really, well, cool. There’s no downtime afterward, as the treatment only involves the application of cold temperatures to your skin. You’ll have to wait awhile for the treated fat cells to exit your body (that’s just how CoolSculpting rolls), so consider having CoolSculpting a few months before you plan to give your girls their big reveal.

If your bra bulges are getting in the way of you rocking sleeveless tops and other such sexy gear, talk to your friendly neighborhood (board-certified and highly recommended, of course) plastic surgeon, stat!

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Your Boobies Are Tired of Bra Bulge Holding Them Back
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Your Boobies Are Tired of Bra Bulge Holding Them Back
Wondering how to get rid of bra bulge? Wonder no more, because here are two treatments to help you break up with those unsightly bra bulges.
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