About RaveBabe

RaveBabe Beauty BloggerWhat can be said about plastic surgery that hasn’t already been said?

Plenty, that’s what. Specifically, plenty about the goofy misconceptions folks have about getting “work” done, not to mention the even goofier treatments that are out there. (Snail facials, we’re looking at you.)

This humble beauty and plastic surgery blog covers all the ins, outs and absurdities surrounding cosmetic procedures and med spa treatments, and we like to have a good laugh now and again along the way. Join us, won’t you?

Please do feel free to contact us if you have an idea for a treatment you’d like us to cover.

About RaveBabe, Beauty Blogger
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About RaveBabe, Beauty Blogger
Learn more about the philosophy behind RaveBabe, plastic surgery blogger extraordinaire who takes all beauty treatments with a hefty grain of salt.
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