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How to Get a Better Breast Reconstruction

Better Breast Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery can be an important part of the recovery process following a mastectomy. It’s very normal for women to have concerns about whether their results will look and feel natural. With highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants for breast reconstruction in Beverly Hills, women now have a choice that offers a very realistic look and feel.

The Benefits of Cohesive Gel

The plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills who perform reconstructive breast augmentation face a unique set of challenges. During a mastectomy, the majority of natural breast tissue is removed, and the remaining skin is thinner and more delicate. This combination limits the amount of stretching that’s possible, and also means that any implant used runs the risk of being more easily seen below the tissue.

The new cohesive silicone gel implants, nicknamed gummy bear implants for their firm yet pliable texture, don’t need the extra padding from existing breast tissue to feel more real. Even without much natural breast tissue over it, the cohesive gel looks, feels and acts more like a real breast than other implants.

Cohesive gel implants are also anatomically shaped, while other implants are round. Although round implants are great for boosting volume in women with smaller breasts, they can look very different when used for reconstructive surgery end result can look less natural in women whose breast tissue has been completely removed.

Getting Great Results

The advantages of using highly cohesive gel implants are numerous, especially for women needing reconstruction. If you’re concerned about ensuring beautiful, natural results following reconstructive surgery, you might want to check with your surgeon about using the new cohesive gel implants.

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