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A Closer Look at Breast Implant Profiles

Breast Implant Profiles

Breast Implant Profiles While the size of your implants is the most obvious factor to affect your final profile, there are other differences among breast implants that need to be considered as well. Here’s a closer look at the different profiles that are available for breast implants in Beverly Hills.

High Profile

High profile implants have a smaller base than other profiles, but are taller and narrower. This gives more projection from the body, making high profile implants a popular choice for breast augmentation among women who want unmistakable, dramatic results. Not every woman is a candidate for high profile implants; women with a wider breast base may need a different profile with a larger diameter for the best outcome.

Moderate/Moderate Plus Profile

Moderate profile implants have a much wider base compared to high profile implants. This means that in two different implants with the same exact volume, the moderate profile implant will look larger in diameter but flatter. Moderate and moderate plus profile implants are ideal for women who want very natural-looking results, or whose breasts have just begun losing volume with age.

Low Profile

Low profile implants have the widest base among the implant profile options, and for this reason are commonly used in women with a bigger breast base. The lowest projection makes these implants ideal for older women who want subtle results, and women with wider chests.

Profile Doesn’t Equal Volume

It’s important to remember that profile does not equate with volume. Low and moderate implants can definitely give your breasts the boost you’re looking for, and both are known for creating better “side boob” than high profile implants. The goal is to find implants that will work best to accentuate your natural frame.

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