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Are Plastic Surgery Patients Becoming More Educated?

Plastic Surgery Patients

Lately I’ve noticed that more and more visitors to my plastic surgery practice are doing a lot of their own heavy lifting before they walk in the door. Women come armed with all kinds of knowledge about breast implant sizes and options, while men are ready with questions about BOTOX® Cosmetic and body contouring. What’s made patients become such proactive advocates for their own health?

Improved Connectedness

One answer to why patients know so much more about plastic surgery these days is because we are more connected on a global level now than at any other time in history. With the Internet just seconds away from most of us, the answer to nearly any question you can imagine is right at your fingertips. This includes cosmetic surgery procedures as well.

Denver patients are learning more not just about what types of options are available, like which types of breast implants they can choose, but also know more involved details like how surgeries are performed, the most popular incision placements and what to expect during recovery. Social media and community-based websites like, which is entirely devoted to cosmetic surgery procedures, allow patients to connect with doctors as well as other patients to exchange information and answer their own questions before they ever schedule a consultation.

As for me, I prefer patients who come into my office having already done their homework. A well-prepared patient is more confident about their surgery, and has more realistic expectations about their outcome. This means a more positive experience for everyone involved, and a higher level of satisfaction with their end results.

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