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How to Pick a Flattering Bikini Top for Your New Boobs

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Flattering Bikini TopIt’s almost time to hit the beach for summer 2017 and that means one thing – you get to show off the results of your breast augmentation. Of course, this comes with its downsides as well as the obvious advantages of breast implants. For one, how do you dress your fantastic new boobs? Lucky for you, here’s a handy guide to helping those marvelous breasts look absolutely spectacular. Now that you’ve got them, flaunt them!

Breast Augmentation and Bikini Tops

The perfect bikini top for your post-breast augmentation boobs will depend on the size, shape and, of course, what you like. There’s no hard and fast rule to looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous by the sea, but this guide will help you get started with your shopping.

  • High Profile – Show off those perky curves with a classic triangle bikini top, or a one-piece with a daringly plunging neckline. You didn’t have breast augmentation to hide it, did you?
  • Teardrop Shape – Needing a little more support doesn’t rule out pretty little bikinis; you just need to go for a triangle-shaped cup, rather than relying on the support of some strings
  • Smaller Boobs – Breast augmentation and big don’t necessarily go hand in hand. If you’ve stuck with a neater size, a bandeau, bustier or wrap bikini top could be your go-to cute beach look this year

Rule #1 of breast augmentation and bikini tops? Wear what makes you feel great!

What Not to Wear

You’re a strong, independent lady and you can wear exactly what you want, no matter what anyone says. However, there’s one big no-no to combining breast augmentation and bikini tops. That is, don’t lose confidence in your newly boosted figure and cover up. You don’t need to bare all, but take the plunge and embrace your well-deserved confidence in style.


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