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Would You Get a Boob Job Inspired by a Reality TV Star?

Woman holding up a picture of breasts

Woman holding up a picture of breastsAmericans aren’t the only ones who get all googly-eyed for reality TV stars. Thanks to the popular British reality show Love Island, Brits are lining up to get bigger, perkier boobs like their fave stars.

But before you pull the trigger on a boob job to look like a TV celebrity, you might want to think about some of the other reasons you might be considering the procedure. While breast augmentation does come along with benefits, looking like a celeb shouldn’t really be one of them.

You Know Reality TV Isn’t Real, Right?

Like most reality TV shows, Love Island follows a group of young, good-looking singles who are looking to mingle. But just because these people are supposedly “real,” everyday people doesn’t mean everything that happens to them on the show would happen in real life.

Nonetheless, British women seem to be lining to up get bigger and better boobs that resemble the busts of some of the most popular women on the show. Just think of America’s The Bachelor or even Jersey Shore to get an idea of what these stars look like.

Taking out a loan to make your body look like a TV celeb probably isn’t so bright.

There Are 99 Reasons to Get a Boob Job…

…And looking like a reality TV star isn’t one of them. Sure, you can have a wish list of what you’d like your body to look like when you go in for your breast enhancement consult. But you’d better have a few other reasons to be sitting across from a plastic surgeon, because “looking like a TV star” isn’t going to cut it.

Remember, ladies, that your boob job should make you feel like a sexier, lovelier YOU, not like some TV celeb wannabe.


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Would You Get a Boob Job Inspired by a Reality TV Star?
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Would You Get a Boob Job Inspired by a Reality TV Star?
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