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What If Your Boobs Don’t Look Like You Anymore?

woman holding up photo of breasts

woman holding up photo of breastsIt might sound silly, but it’s true—boobs are a big part of what makes you…well, you. So what’s a girl to do when fluctuations in weight, pregnancy or even the wrong size breast implants make her feel not so much like herself anymore? That’s exactly what happened to celebrity Chantel Jeffries.

My advice? Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about a breast augmentation, lift or reduction to help you get back to doing you. And keep these three important considerations in mind throughout the process.

Choosing the Right Breast Implant SizeIs Key

Obviously, if you’re getting breast implants, you want to upgrade from, say, an orange to a grapefruit. But be cautious about going so big that you barely recognize yourself. Take some time to do your research on breast implant sizing and work with your cosmetic surgeon to figure out the best choice for you.

Should You Add a Lift?

If the girls are hanging a little lower than normal after weight loss, pregnancy or aging, you might want to add a breast lift to your enhancement procedure.

If you don’t want to go any bigger but would like your boobs to be their perky selves again, a breast lift could be just what you need.

Think about Your Curves

Unless you’re going for the walking Barbie doll look (and I highly recommend you don’t), choose a breast implant size that complements your curves so that the final result looks balanced and totally natural. Truly, your boob job should not be a “go big or go home” type of deal.


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What If Your Boobs Don't Look Like You Anymore?
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What If Your Boobs Don't Look Like You Anymore?
Different breast implant sizes can achieve different looks, but RaveBabe can help you pick the right one so you can finally feel like yourself again.
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