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Would You Drop $25K on Seriously Large Breast Implants?

Thinking of Breast Implants

Thinking of Breast ImplantsHave you ever dreamed of having obscenely large breasts?

For one Seattle model, that dream came true when she went from an average B cup to a hefty N cup. This dramatic boobie boost took three surgeries, where she went to a D cup, then a J cup and eventually an N cup, at a total cost of $25K. Yikes! That’s a big price tag for a lot of breast!

But it does raise a question and point out a common complication with breast implants. How do you pick your implant size, and what happens when you choose an implant size smaller than you want?

Reduce the Risk of Additional Surgeries by Choosing the Right Size

According to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there is a trend toward larger implants. But some women don’t always think bigger is better when they originally choose their implants and they opt for a smaller size. Unfortunately, for many women, this often leaves them still wanting larger breasts down the road. This means revision surgery because they didn’t choose the right implant for their initial surgery.

In a study, 110 patients underwent breast augmentation and had a breast revision surgery an average of 97.2 months after their initial surgery. Of those, 86 percent of patients received larger implants the second time around.

Unfortunately, additional surgeries often mean increased risk, so picking the right implant size from the start means putting your health first, ladies!

Your Body Type Factors into Choosing the Best Implant Size

This sounds obvious but it needs to be stated: When choosing the right implant size, your body is the first thing to consider. Your surgeon should be your guide for yourbreast augmentationand will evaluate things like your frame, height, weight, shoulder and hip width and your current breast volume. In addition, the surgeon looks at how broad your chest is, the base width of your breasts and how far apart they are.

Basically, if you are built like a linebacker, you don’t want the same implants as a ballerina.

Another important consideration is your skin’s elasticity and whether you have enough tissue to cover an implant. If you choose too large of an implant for your natural tissue, there is a risk of the edges being visible under your skin, and no one wants that!

How You Live Your Life Can Impact Your Implant Size

Think about your daily routine when deciding on just how big to go. For example, if you participate in daily or weekly high-intensity workouts or long-distance running, large implants can cause problems and pain. Think about what running is like without a good bra on. Maybe you have heard the jokes about running with larger breasts and the risk of black eyes! Bigger isn’t always better.

Also think about your wardrobe. Will extra-large breasts pop buttons on your favorite shirt? Will your breasts match your style? These things can greatly affect your size choice.

Trying on a New Breast Size before You Choose Your Implants

While your surgeon will often offer sizing opportunities during your breast augmentation consultation, these only give you a quick glimpse of what your new breasts will be like. If you really want to get a good idea of sizes and how larger breasts will affect your daily routine, consider using the rice test over a few days. Because implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and not traditional bra sizes, the rice test allows you to add volume to your breasts temporarily and try them on for size, so to speak.

Trying out different implant sizes with the rice method for a few days can give you a better idea of what volume will work best for you.

Simply find some old pantyhose and cut off two 12-inch pieces. Add rice to the pantyhose and tie them off when you reach the cc implant size you think you desire. Each ounce of rice is equivalent to 30cc, so for a 150cc implant, you would need five ounces of rice. Wearing a sports bra or a bra of your desired size, place the rice packs into the cups and go about your daily routine. See how they feel and how they affect your day. If they are too large, remove some rice and try again. Too small? Add a little more.

Listen to the Advice of Your Surgeon

While you may think a 400cc implant will give you the size you desire, your body type and structure may not be able to support that. Your surgeon has years of experience with breast implants and can best evaluate the factors mentioned above and give you a good idea of what your body will support, will be comfortable for you and will help you achieve your desired look. Opting for overly large implants can also increase your risk of complications, so it is best to follow your surgeon’s recommendations. If your body structure doesn’t support larger implants, talk to your surgeon about different implant profiles and how they can offer a fuller look with smaller options.


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You Drop $25K on Seriously Large Breast Implants?
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You Drop $25K on Seriously Large Breast Implants?
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