Boob Job Do-Over

3 Tips for Going Bigger with Implant Revision Surgery

woman covering breasts

woman covering breasts Wanting bigger implants almost immediately after breast augmentation—dolubbed “boobie greed” in many online breast augmentation forums—isn’t uncommon. In fact, wanting to go up in size is one of the most popular reasons that women seek out implant revision. At the same time, women who want to revamp their breast augmentation should be aware of a few simple tips that may help them see a better end result when increasing their implant size.

  1. Choose the Right Surgeon

    The number one priority in increasing your implant size must be to find a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implant revision. While an initial breast augmentation is fairly straightforward, revision surgery introduces a lot of extra factors that can challenge a less experienced hand. It’s essential to find a surgeon who’s familiar with all the right surgical techniques and procedures to give you the best implant replacement results.

  2. Give It Time

    As concerned as you may feel that your initial surgery hasn’t given you the results you hoped for, it’s important to wait at least six months before pursuing revision. The healing process really does take at least this long, so worries that your implants are too small may prove themselves to be invalid as time passes and the implants assume their final shape and position.

  3. Maintain Realistic Expectations

    The majority of breast augmentation surgeons choose an implant size only after very careful consideration of a number of factors: your appearance goals, your lifestyle, your frame and your natural anatomy. In some cases, a larger implant simply won’t work with your breast diameter. Rather than “bigger is better,” the goal should always be to find an implant size that’s flattering, proportionate and will offer the best long-term results.

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