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That One Awkward Time When Hot Wax Was Used as a Filler

Hot Wax

Hot WaxPeople have been trying to improve their looks since the dawn of time, even if it meant using some questionable techniques. Twentieth-century American beauty Gladys Deacon, second wife of the 9th Duke of Marlborough, went so far as to inject paraffin was into her nose. Unfortunately for her, that plan didn’t exactly work out.

So take one from Gladys and brush up on your dermal filler need-to-know facts before letting just anyone poke you with needles.

Easy on the Wax, Gladys

Although she was already a natural beauty—and claimed to have slept with every Prime Minister in Europe, and most kings—young Gladys had paraffin wax injected into her nose in an attempt to make herself look even prettier.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t go as planned. The wax slipped out of place and left her with a permanently deformed jaw. On her wedding day, she wore a thick veil to help conceal this little mishap.

DIY fillers never turn out well. Let a pro handle yours.

How to Avoid a Dermal Filler Faux Pas of Your Own

Hopefully, no one’s thinking about using hot wax in place of modern-day fillers, but you could still end up with a dermal filler faux pas of your own if you’re not careful. For one, make sure a qualified professional is injecting them unless you want to end up like ole Gladys with lumps and bumps at best and serious complications at worst.

Secondly, don’t go crazy with the filler. Asking for too much almost always results in a fake, cartoonish appearance that isn’t and never will be in style. Remember, ladies, the goal is to still look like yourself when you walk out the door.

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That One Awkward Time When Hot Wax Was Used as a Filler
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That One Awkward Time When Hot Wax Was Used as a Filler
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