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You Don’t Want a Joker Smile after Getting Injectable Fillers, Right?

joker smile injectable fillers

joker smile injectable fillersThe Joker is an iconic character who has inspired movies, merchandise and far too many bad Halloween costumes. While the Joker’s signature smile is the perfect look for a dark and disturbed villain, it’s not so hot on real people. Unfortunately, too many ladies end up going the way of the joker because of (cue scary music) dermal fillers gone wrong.

All the Ways to Avoid Dermal Fillers Gone Wrong

Dermal fillers gone wrong are kind of like really bad contouring, except you can’t just wash your face to make it go away.

How do you avoid joker-smile? Easy! Just take our sage advice for people who actually want dermal lip fillers to make them look pretty, not scary:

  • If the office ladies look like a hot mess, run for the door. Make up an excuse if you have to, but do not get dermal fillers from a place where the receptionists look like marionettes. Chances are, they were done by the same person you’re about to allow near you with a needle.
  • It’s about quality, not quantity. Many stories of dermal fillers gone wrong start in exactly the same way: “One dark and stormy night, an otherwise lovely woman had her lips grotesquely overfilled.” Overzealous injecting leads to that weird, blown-out worm-lip look that we’ve all seen on Instagram and in real life.
  • Be on the same page as your practitioner. Be sure the person doing your injections understands what you want and expect, and explains what type of dermal filler is being used – and why. If you’re thinking “slightly pouty” and your plastic surgeon is thinking “adult film actress” there’s gonna be trouble. Communication is key.
  • Don’t bargain-shop for injectables. Nobody would judge you for finding creative ways to save money on things like furniture and clothing. But trying to go all bargain bin on your dermal fillers is totally grounds for being judged.


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