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How the Eyes Affect Others’ Perception of You


Signs of aging around the eyes, much like aging on the rest of the face, can impact the way other people perceive you. The formation of certain lines and wrinkles can make you look sad or angry, regardless of how you may actually be feeling on the inside. Eyelid surgery, BOTOX® and other eye treatments can help you look younger and more refreshed, letting your true emotions speak for themselves once again.

What Causes Eye Aging?

Most people notice the very earliest signs of aging seem to appear around the eye area first. These can include the development of premature wrinkles, existing fine lines becoming more pronounced and an increase in puffiness around the eyes. The skin around the eye area has some unique qualities that make this spot particularly susceptible to aging.

Skin varies in its thickness depending on location, and the eyelids have the thinnest skin anywhere on the body. With age, collagen production declines, breaking down the firmness and elasticity in the skin. Since the skin on the eyelids is so delicate, theses effects are even more pronounced around the eyes. The continued pull of gravity only accelerates the internal changes that aging brings.

The muscles around the eye are in near constant motion from the facial expressions made throughout a normal day. With these repeated muscle movements, the skin is continually pushed into the same creases again and again. Dynamic wrinkles like these result in crow’s feet, as well as other wrinkles near the eyes.

Interpretations of Age

Depending on the facial expressions that are made most often, as well as the specific arrangement of wrinkles, others can perceive these normal signs of aging as being reflective of a particular emotion. Although this interpretation is often inaccurate, it’s hard to look at someone whose eyes seem sad and imagine them as happy, or vice versa.

Both surgical and nonsurgical procedures are available to help the appearance of your eyes look young again. With BOTOX® Cosmetic, men and women can temporarily paralyze the muscles responsible for causing dynamic wrinkles like crow’s feet, preventing the deepening of existing wrinkles and the formation of new ones. One treatment takes just a few minutes and lasts for several months, with visible results in just a day or two.

For Detroit patients whose lids have become visibly droopy, an eyelift can remove the excess skin and fatty deposits responsible, restoring an expression that looks alert and refreshed again. This type of eyelid surgery can be performed either with or without additional procedures such as a brow lift or BOTOX® for even more impressive results.

Setting the Record Straight

Recent studies have shown that younger people have trouble accurately interpreting the emotions on older faces. Cosmetic procedures can help reduce this type of miscommunication, as well as ensure that your facial expression better matches your true emotions. With minimally invasive techniques like BOTOX® injections combined with eyelid surgery to directly combat signs of aging in the skin and muscles themselves, men and women no longer have to worry about whether their eyes are affecting others’ perception of them.

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