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3 Tips for Best Laser Hair Removal Results

Best Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is gaining in popularity among both male and female patients across the country. In fact, last year it was the third most commonly performed nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the nation. If you’re considering visiting a medical spa in Tampa for laser hair removal treatment, following these three tips can help you have a positive experience along with great results.

Shun the Sun

Avoiding the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays is good advice whether or not you’re thinking of laser hair removal, but becomes even more important while undergoing treatment. Lasers work best on dark hair against a contrast of lighter skin. Tanned or dark skin tones may need a special type of laser to achieve better results. Keeping your skin tone as light as possible helps the laser better target the pigment in your hair, not the pigment in your skin.

You should also avoid the sun for the length of your treatment, which typically involves several sessions spaced a few weeks apart. This is advised not only to prevent tanning, but also because exposure to the sun increases the chances of certain side effects, like skin lightening. Some Tampa laser hair removal centers suggest staying out of the sun for a few weeks before your first appointment, as well as while undergoing your treatment sessions.

Stop Waxing

If you’re planning on getting hair removal in a place on your body that you normally wax or pluck, you’ll need to take a break and let the hair grow back in before your appointment. This is because laser hair removal won’t work if the hair root is missing; the hair has to be present in order to absorb the laser energy that kills the follicle, preventing regrowth.

Switching over to shaving temporarily is a good idea during your laser treatment, and you should start the process a few weeks before your initial session. This ensures that the hair root is strong and present by your very first appointment, and perfectly primed to correctly absorb the laser energy. Shaving closely just before your visit will reduce the potential for discomfort that sometimes occurs when hairs in the target area are a bit longer.

Timing Is Everything

Getting the timing right is an important component of a positive laser hair removal session as well. For female patients, whose skin tends to be more tender when they’re on their cycle, planning appointment times to avoid those few days will help ensure a greater comfort level.

The time of year is another important consideration when it comes to laser hair removal. Most patients start thinking about getting smoother bodies when the weather begins warming up in the spring. Yet, since avoiding the sun is important during your treatment, it’s actually easier to plan for laser hair removal in the fall or winter instead. Even in Florida’s mild winters, those revealing summer fashions aren’t quite so prevalent, and the skin is more protected from the sun.

You can also plan ahead of time to take an over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen to reduce any discomfort during your treatment. While most patients don’t feel that laser hair removal is painful, those with more sensitive skin should take extra precautions. Some laser hair removal centers will also offer a topical cream to help reduce sensation. Doing research ahead of time to find out what options are available is another tip that can help you feel great about your treatment, as well as ensure that your laser hair removal delivers great results.

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