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How to Look Extra Awkward for the Office Christmas Party

women at holiday party

women at holiday partyTis the season for more pumpkin spice than you can handle, ugly sweaters and, of course, office Christmas parties. Trying to look your best to catch the eye of the hottie in the next cubicle over is one thing, but trying way too hard is another. Here are three surefire ways to look super awkward at your office shindig.

  1. Load up on Cosmetic Treatments You Don’t Need

    Getting a cosmetic treatment or two before a big event can definitely make heads turn in all the right ways. But if you’re opting in to every single treatment that your plastic surgeon’s office offers, it’s probably overkill.

    Stick to one or two treatments that are the most tailored to improving the specific cosmetic concerns you have, and pass on the rest.

  2. Get BOTOX® or Fillers the Day Before

    BOTOX® and injectable fillers can work wonders for lines and wrinkles. But they can also cause some bruising, swelling and redness. Although these injectable side effects typically make like a tree and leave within a few days, you should still give yourself some buffer room before a big event.

    Schedule BOTOX two weeks before a big event for the most dramatic effect. Dermal fillers typically offer a bit more wiggle room.

  3. Bargain Hunt Your Cosmetic Treatment

    Even if you’re getting a relatively quick and easy cosmetic treatment like BOTOX or a facial, it’s still well worth it to seek out a trained and experienced professional. Don’t risk complications and even health risks by choosing a questionable provider just to save a few bucks.

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How to Look Extra Awkward for the Office Christmas Party
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How to Look Extra Awkward for the Office Christmas Party
Lining up some cosmetic treatments for a big event? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe has some advice for what NOT to do right before a holiday party.
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