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How to NOT Look Like a Prize Fighter after Getting Facial Fillers

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Prize FighterPrize fighters are amazing. They’re tough, strong and ready to give it their all. These are all traits to emulate. The way their faces look after a fight? Not so much. Here’s how to keep your face from looking like you just lost to Ronda Rousey after you get injectable fillers.

Lay Off the Pain Killers

This might sound counterintuitive, but to avoid bruising, lay off of the aspirin, Aleve and ibuprofen for about a week before your injectable filler appointment. If you need to take something, stick to Tylenol. Keep away from those emotional pain killers, too, like wine and whiskey, for at least two days before you get your fillers.

Ice Your Face

Just like a fighter who just got socked in the jaw, you’re going to want to ice your face after your get your fillers. You can do this before your treatment, too, to constrict your blood vessels, making them way less likely to interfere with the needle. Bonus: ice will help with pain and swelling, so you won’t hurt like a prize fighter either.

Keep your hands off your face, too. Squeezing and pushing your fillers can change the results.

Skip the Gym

No prize fighter is going to skip a workout session, but, then again, you’re no prize fighter. You’re a person who wants a younger-looking face. Step away from the treadmill and your fillers will thank you. Keep your heart rate below 100 and don’t try any hot yoga or inversions after your injectable fillers and you’ll heal much better with less bruising.


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How to NOT Look Like a Prize Fighter after Getting Facial Fillers
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How to NOT Look Like a Prize Fighter after Getting Facial Fillers
Prize fighters are cool. Their bruised faces are not. Here's how to keep from looking like you just got punched after injectable fillers.
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