Boob Jobs

Dog Bites, Cat Scratches & Saving Your Breast Implants

woman with dog

Breast ImplantsBreast implants bring up some tricky questions. Is there such a thing as too big? When/if do you tell a new love? Do you let your boobs strut their stuff at parties? Throw in a pet and the questions get even wilder. What if a dog bites your boob? How about a scratch from a cat? Are your breast implants in trouble? Stay calm. Your boobs will be fine.

So the Dog Bit Your Boob …

We have 47 questions about how a dog came to bite your boob but we’ll stick to the basics of what to do after Fido has gotten his canines on your boob job. If the skin isn’t broken and you don’t have any bruising, you’re probably good. If it was a really hard bite and your skin broke, you might want to call your plastic surgeon, answer his 47 questions about the bite and see about getting that battered boobie checked.

    A dog may be your best friend but don’t let him at your breast implants.

What about a Cat Scratch?

And if your mini Leo the Lion gets his claws into your boobs? Well, see above. Even if Leo draws blood, do you really think his puny claws can dig through your skin AND your natural breast tissue to pierce your breast implant? If Leo can, you’ve gotten much bigger worries than a busted breast implant.

Walking the Dog

Here’s the thing about walking Fido after getting a boob job: Just don’t. You’re going to have to let someone else handle the furkid for a couple weeks, even if he is a 5-pound pipsqueak. You probably shouldn’t let Fido and his germy paws walk on your brand new boobs either. We know, it’s cute but your boobs could use a minute alone.

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