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How to Perform Party Tricks with Your Breast Implants

Party Tricks

Party TricksBusty gals, you possess the ability to perform special hidden talents that can come in very handy the next time you’re at a lame or lifeless party. Sorry flat-chested gals, but here are some sweet party tricks that are only possible with breast implants.

Light ‘Em Up

A boring party always needs a good ice breaker to kick start things, and one of the best party tricks in the history of breast implants only requires a flashlight to perform. Turn out the lights in the room and place a flashlight under your boob. Voila! A glowing boob-a-lantern and instant conversation starter. Use two flashlights for double the fun.

Make Yourself Useful

Sure, your big, fake boobs can be fun and entertaining, but they can also be utilitarian. A good party guest always looks for small ways to help out the host at a party, and your boobs can totally be functional. If your breast augmentation was performed properly, you should be able to balance and serve at least two drinks on your chest. This leaves your hands free to serve chips, party mix or a couple more drinks. Look how helpful you are!

Plus, when a hot guy needs somewhere to put his beer while he takes his shot at the pool table, you conveniently have a built-in boobie koozie!

Just Add Water

When all else fails and none of your previous titty tricks have resuscitated a party, you always have your ace in the hole: water. Nothing will perk up a party like a pair of bare breasts under a soaking wet t-shirt. However, your ability to brilliantly execute this trick depends entirely on preparation, so either wear a white shirt or always keep one conveniently stashed in your car in case of emergency.

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