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Breast Augmentation Isn’t Really a Save-Your-Marriage Sort of Thing

Campanile Breast Augmentation RaveBabe

Campanile Breast Augmentation RaveBabeWhy should someone get a boobie boost — aka, breast augmentation?

That question probably seems like it has a straightforward answer. Because you want bigger boobs. Duh. Except the reasons why people want to increase their cup size vary. And not all of them are good.

Introducing Shirley Ballas

The head judge on the British dance competition show Strictly Come Dancing, Shirley Ballas was married to the impeccably named Corky Ballas — a ballroom dancer from Texas, because of course — for over two decades. According to Shirley, Corky was a controlling and mentally abusive man throughout their marriage, always pointing out her physical flaws while carrying out multiple affairs.

Shirley put a cork in Corky, but not until after she altered her body for him. Learn from her mistakes and only get surgery for you.

Despite all this, she loved him and wanted to please him. And so, she hoped that one of the breast augmentation benefits she would experience would be saving her marriage.

It didn’t work out that way. Shocking, I know.

Eventually, Shirley ditched the man and the boobs.

Surgery for the “Right” Reasons

The moral of the story here is that when you get plastic surgery of any sort, you should do it for the right reasons. But what, exactly, are those?

This is an important question to ask because the right reasons aren’t easy to define. There are people who would say there are no right reasons—haters—and there are others who think if plastic surgery isn’t reconstructive, it is bad.

Broadly defined, the right reasons for getting plastic surgery should all be related to you, your goals and your happiness. But it is hard to get more specific than that. In fact, it is easier to define the wrong reasons than the right ones.

Signs You Are Considering Surgery for the Wrong Reasons

All right, let’s jump into ways you can check yourself and determine if you are setting up that consult for a bad reason.

  • You are motivated by revenge. Maybe your ex left you for a younger person and your goal is to show them what they are missing out on.
  • You are motivated by competition. Your friends are hot, and you want to keep up with them in the looks department.
  • You decided to get surgery based on a trend because you thought it seemed cool. Trends come and go; surgery is permanent.
  • You are getting surgery because someone asked you to. No. Just no.
  • You want your surgery to change the way someone feels about you. While they might find you hotter, you will still be you, and if they don’t love you now, they won’t then.

When it Comes to Surgery, Think Evergreen

Navigating away from these wrong reasons can be difficult. One thing that can help is to eliminate any reasons for surgery that aren’t evergreen. So, applying this to the wrong reasons above, ask yourself:

  • Will I still be happy with this surgery after my ex isn’t a frequent thought in my mind?
  • Would I still want this surgery if it weren’t for the company I keep?
  • Will I still be confident in my choices after this trend passes?
  • If this person didn’t ask me to do this, would I have ever considered it?
  • If this person were out of my life, would I still get this surgery?

Remember: your surgery is about you and for you. Keep this at the center of your thoughts and you should make the right decision.

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Breast Augmentation Isn’t Really a Save-Your-Marriage Sort of Thing
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Breast Augmentation Isn’t Really a Save-Your-Marriage Sort of Thing
Why get a breast augmentation? Certainly not to keep a man. Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe explains breast augmentation benefits that actually matter.
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