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3 Super Strange Spa Treatments You Should Skip

med spa treatments to avoid

med spa treatments to avoidWould you ever pay someone to rub marijuana all over your body? How about a good old-fashioned sound bath in a room full of Tibetan singing bowls?

Sure, pampering yourself is great and all, but you might want to skip out on these three wacky spa treatments and stick to the ones that actually work.

  1. Marijuana Massages

    Yup, that’s right. You can get rubbed down or even bathe in the green stuff. Supposedly, THC can’t enter your bloodstream this way, so you won’t feel any different, other than maybe a little weird for signing up for this.

  2. Sound Baths

    Weed baths not your thing? How about sitting in a room full of gongs, Tibetan bowls and didgeridoos to soothe away your troubles?The vibration from the sound supposedly has some healing properties, if your ears can take it, that is.

  3. FaceGym

    Can we stop with the face exercises trend? You’re only making your wrinkles worse.

    FaceGym is a place in London that apparently teaches you how to perform facial exercises instead of getting a facelift. Unfortunately, working out your jaw isn’t going to do much in the way of tightening and toning your face, and could actually cause even more wrinkles and sagging.

If you really want to treat yourself to a refreshing med spa treatment, pass on these oddball trends and talk to your plastic surgeon’s office about the best nonsurgical cosmetic treatments available. Trust me, you’re going to see much better results with real treatments like BOTOX®, fillers, facials and lasers than any strange bath you could take.


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3 Super Strange Spa Treatments You Should Skip
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3 Super Strange Spa Treatments You Should Skip
Searching for the best nonsurgical cosmetic treatments for a fresh look? RaveBabe shares three wacky spa treatments that you should probably not sign up for.
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