Can Facial Exercises Help You Look Younger?

Woman's face

Woman's faceNo one wants to age prematurely, if at all. Although there are many effective ways to keep your skin looking young, are facial exercises one of them?

What Are Facial Exercises?

Facial exercises can involve repetitive eye, jaw or forehead movements. The idea is to stimulate blood flow in and around the face, theoretically encouraging collagen production and an overall younger look.

So Where’s the Proof?

That’s just it. Studies that have been conducted on the benefits of facial exercises have not been randomized or controlled. The results of such studies were often gauged subjectively rather than with the use of objective measurements. Moreover, variables such as age and pre-existing signs of aging were not necessarily taken into consideration. All of these factors point to insufficient research.

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal published a review in January 2014 on the efficacy of facial exercises for facial rejuvenation. After evaluating the studies published on the benefits of facial exercises, the researchers concluded that current evidence on whether facial exercises can affect signs of aging is insufficient. In short, claims of any benefits from facial exercises will need to be backed by randomized and controlled studies, which are yet to come. Inadequate research, testing and regulations are red flags when considering something that may affect your face or body.

What Other Options Are There?

As a board certified plastic surgeon, I offer my patients only tried and true methods of achieving real results. To maintain a healthy, youthful appearance, I often recommend using medical-grade skincare products. In addition to your skincare routine, nonsurgical facelift alternatives like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Ultherapy® Skin Tightening and chemical peels can all be excellent options for smoothing out those wrinkles and keeping age spots at bay.

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