Boob Jobs

Would You Trade Your Car for a Boob Job?

Pure beauty.

Pure beauty.If you’re dreaming of the day when your tatas reach their full potential with a boob job, then you’d better start counting your pennies. And by pennies, we mean dollars, a whole lotta dollars. Mr. Piggy Bank may not be able to see you through this one. So what’s a girl to do?

Cash in Your Assets

This sexy student named Miranda traded in her car for her double Ds, which then got to work for her by picking up 8,000 Instagram followers and a part-time modeling gig. Turns out that you can buy friends or at least internet stalker friends.

Of course, she also had to buy her new boobies something to wear, so she dropped a couple thousand there too. The final bill came to about $9,200 for the surgery and the clothes. And that’s before the bus fare or Uber rides to go all those places that her faithful car once took her before she sold it in the name of big boobs.

Or Be a Smarter Spender

Sure, your insurance company won’t pony up for a boob job, but that doesn’t mean you have to trade in your car or go broke. Many plastic surgeons offer a little thing called financing. It’s a fancy way of saying you can make payments and avoid a sell-your-car, lump sum deal.

So before you commit yourself to taking your boobs on the bus tour, do yourself a favor and look into financing options. Or don’t. After all, there are way more people on a bus than in your car who can appreciate your fresh set of boobs.

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