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Would You Supersize Your Boob Job?

Breast Implants

Boob JobSure, breast implants can offer excellent result sand even boost your self-esteem, but like tattoos and junk food, are they addicting? For German model, Mayra Hills, also known by her modeling name “Beshine,” they seem to be. Hills reportedly has the largest boob job in the world, topping in at a whopping 32Z.

So should you think about super sizing your boob job? You might want to think twice, actually.

Trend toward Smaller Implant Sizes

    While big boobs can be fun, super big boobs might not be.

Hills’ knockers are so big that she has trouble putting on shoes and shaving her legs, not to mention the custom bras and bikini tops she has to order.

Hills is also swimming against the current of the recent trend toward smaller, more modest implant sizes. More and more women are seeking a very natural look and feel, which is best achieved through smaller implants and the right placement.

Beware of Boobie Greed

On her website, Hills mentions feeing “boobie greed” after her first breast enhancements just weren’t quite large enough. But when choosing the right implants for you, beware of falling into this trap. It’s best to have realistic expectations about what a breast augmentation can and cannot help you achieve, and in most cases, the most realistic results are subtle enhancements to your natural figure.

If you do want to go big, just be sure to discuss your options with a board-certified plastic surgeon, who can likely design a surgical plan around your goals, while still highlighting your natural features.


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