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Would You Spend Your Prize Money on a Boob Job? Because Same

Surprised redhead girl with money in hand on a pink background.

Surprised redhead girl with money in hand on a pink background.Picture this: one day you wake up several thousand dollars richer thanks to a contest you entered. You are thrilled, on top of the world. With your prize money in hand, what is the first thing you do?

Our vote? Get a boob job!

Okay, okay, we know — this is not the most realistic scenario ever. But just because you’re unlikely to see prize money in your future does not mean you aren’t interested in bigger boobs. So how can you give your knockers the oomph you wish they had without winning the lottery to cover breast augmentation cost?

First, Understand the Cost

It can be easy to tell yourself a boob job is outside your price range and write off the possibility. But don’t! Start by setting up a consultation and finding out exactly what the cost will be. It may not be the astronomical cost you have in your head, especially if you are in an area where the cost of living is low.

And don’t forget to ask about financing and payment plans. This might sound like putting your boobs on layaway, but it is nothing of the sort. You get to have your new knockers and then slowly pay off the cost in installments that work for you.

Second, Know What Goes Into the Price

Once you know what all is covered in breast augmentation cost, it is easier to see the value of what you are getting.

That’s right: knockout knockers are not all that you get.

Also reflected in the price of your boob job are:

  • The level of education your doctor has
  • Their years of experience
  • The quality of the facilities
  • The professionalism of the assistants and others on the team
  • The type of implants used
  • Post-surgery garments
  • And many other items

Once you understand all that goes into your procedure, the cost won’t seem so crazy.

Third, Don’t Cut Corners

Save money at the grocery store, not at the plastic surgeon’s office.

Who doesn’t want to save money?

We sure do. But we also know where to cut corners and where to splurge. And breast augmentation cost is not something to cheap out on.

Not that people don’t try. There is the woman who tried to DIY her implants and died as a result.  Many people doctor shop and end up discovering they get what they pay for.

And — get ready for this one — some people even buy used implants.

Are you shuddering at that one? Because we are.

If you go cheap on the ta-tas, you can’t expect quality results. Whether that means putting your health in danger or just ending up with misshapen boobs, the money you save won’t be worth what you get.

So, How Can You Afford the Boobs of Your Dreams?

There are plenty of ways. From personal loans, to dedicated saving in other areas of your life, to making lifestyle changes like walking instead of driving places, you can find ways to get the money you need for your boob job. Remember: you are your own best investment.


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Would You Spend Your Prize Money on a Boob Job? Because Same
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Would You Spend Your Prize Money on a Boob Job? Because Same
Do you want bigger boobs but are worried about breast augmentation cost? There are ways to make the process affordable — with or without prize money.
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