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Would You Spend Your Inheritance to Look Like Miss Piggy?

Spend Your Inheritance

Look Like Miss Piggy What do Beyonce, Jessica Rabbit and Miss Piggy all have in common? British woman Lauren Boaten is the living embodiment of the three beauties. (Miss Piggy’s beauty may be lost on you, but Kermit was no fool.)

Making Wishes Come True

Through the magic of plastic surgery and a hefty sum of money she inherited from her late mother, Boaten has undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures to transform herself from mother of two into a cartoon pinup. Hey, we all have dreams, and Boaten is apparently living hers, much to the delight of her 8,000 followers on Instagram.

Like Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Her first plastic surgery procedure was a breast augmentation and lift, which transformed her boobs from a 34C into a 34G. (Not sure whose bust size she’s trying to imitate there, but I’m pretty sure that both Beyonce and Jessica Rabbit aren’t that boobalicious.) But the fun was just beginning. Boaten decided, then and there, that what would make her happy is if she could keep having more plastic surgery, in order to more closely resemble a Jessica Rabbit, Miss Piggy and Beyonce mashup. (No word yet on if she’s having snout surgery.)

The Next Step

In her quest to emulate both the animated and iconic, Boaten has gotten BOTOX® and lip fillers, as well as hair extensions, and is plotting her next plastic surgery procedure as we speak. So if you’ve been long harboring a dream of looking less like yourself and more like your favorite childhood cartoon character, why not take a page from Boaten’s book?

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