Boob Jobs

Would You Let Your Boss Buy You a Boob Job?

Buy a Boob Job

Buy a Boob JobIt’s something of a fantasy, like winning the lottery or finding out that you have a surprise inheritance coming. You want a boob job but it’s just too expensive. Then, one day, your boss offers to pay for it. He says it’s an investment to help attract customers. So do you say yes?

A Bad Reason to Get a Boob Job

Don’t say yes just because your boss suggests that you get a boob job. Or a boyfriend suggests it. Or a friend.

These opinions fall into the “Bad Reason to Get a Boob Job” category. Maybe you work with clients or customers and your boss thinks your larger assets will lead to larger assets for his company. Maybe your boyfriend loves fuller breasts. Maybe your friend had her boobs done and gushes nonstop about how crazy she is about them.

It doesn’t matter what they think though.

A Good Reason to Go for It

Feel free to tell them to zip it. Getting a boob job is a decision for you and you alone because it’s your body. Whether you like the idea of boosting your self-confidence or enhancing your figure, you should have reasons that are all your own.

Decision Time

If you decide a boob job is right for you, time to face the next big question: Should you let someone else, either a boss or a boyfriend, pay?

That’s totally up to you, too. Someone else picking up the tab for your breast implants could be awesome if that’s what you really want. Be smart, though, and take steps to protect yourself. It would suck to agree, then have your boss flake out on paying the bill.

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