Would You Get Your Fat to Go after Liposuction?

Woman holding shopping bags

Woman holding shopping bagsJust when you think you’ve heard it all, the internet proves you so wrong. Apparently, real-life people are asking their plastic surgeons to take their post-lipo fat home with them in a doggy bag.

Seriously, people, can we not ever ask this liposuction FAQ again?

No One Wants to See Your Post-Lipo Fat, Not Even Your Dog

According to a recent Fox News article on internet sensation Dr. Pimple Popper, several of her patients have made some pretty disgusting requests. If you’re sitting down to lunch right now, you might want to put your sandwich down.

Although one woman clearly had no use for her excess post-lipo fat anymore, she thought her dog just might. Turns out, her dog was learning to sniff out dead bodies, so she planned to use her old fat to train him. Here, doggy doggy!

Smell the Roses…and Decomposing Tissue?

Let’s not make keeping your lipo fat a thing. Pretty please?

If you live in a rural area, it’s probably commonplace to use animal manure to fertilize your fields or backyard garden. But one lady totally took this idea to the extreme.

Apparently, she asked Dr. Pimple Popper to ship her discarded lipoma to her in the mail so she could use it at plant fertilizer. I haven’t checked the prices on Miracle Grow lately, but I’m thinking it’s not so expensive that you have to go to such drastic measures to get your plants to grow. But hey, to each their own, right?


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Would You Get Your Fat to Go after Liposuction?
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Would You Get Your Fat to Go after Liposuction?
Think you’ve heard the absolute strangest liposuction FAQ out there? Beauty blogger RaveBabe shares a pretty darn gross one that just might take the cake.
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