Does Liposuction Just Make Your Fat Pop Up Somewhere Else?

woman pinching fat

woman pinching fatEver heard the urban myth that if you get liposuction, fat is going to randomly show up somewhere else? Luckily for the bazillions of people who have already had liposuction, this is nothing more than a widespread internet falsehood. Still need some more reassurance? Here’s what really happens to fat after lipo.

The Lowdown on Lipo

Picture this: inside your body are lots of tiny storage rooms for fat, called fat cells. Liposuction comes in and gets rid of some of those rooms and the fat that’s inside, which is why you look and feel slimmer and trimmer after your body contouring procedure.

Since you’ll have fewer fat cells in the area treated with liposuction, you’ll have less room to store fat in that particular area. So if you do gain weight in the future, it’s usually more evenly distributed throughout other parts of your body. This concept is probably how the myth that fat mysteriously comes back after lipo got started, but as you can see, it’s just not accurate.

Want Long-Lasting Results? Here’s What to Do

If you want your same great lipo results to stick around, make your healthy exercise schedule and diet your endgame.

You know that awesome workout routine and Instagram-worthy diet you had going on before you got lipo? Keep those up. Getting liposuction can help you get rid of pesky love handles and bra rolls, but it isn’t a guarantee that you’ll never gain fat again down the road.But weird spontaneous lumps and bumps popping up out of nowhere? Nah, not a thing.


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Does Liposuction Just Make Your Fat Pop Up Somewhere Else?
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Does Liposuction Just Make Your Fat Pop Up Somewhere Else?
Does fat come back after lipo? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe has the answer to this burning question about liposuction and how to maintain your results.
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