Life after Lipo


For a lot of our patients in the Detroit area, liposuction is the ideal solution for achieving a smoother, slimmer body. Yet, although liposuction does permanently remove the targeted fat cells, that doesn’t necessarily mean that patients can’t gain some weight back after their procedure. What does life after lipo look like, and how can patients ensure that their results really last?

A Solid Foundation

Although liposuction is commonly thought of as a solution for losing weight, this is actually one of the more persistent myths about the procedure. Lipo doesn’t help overweight patients become thinner; instead, lipo sculpts away the fat deposits that diet and exercise leave behind, or that build up areas that are hard to reach through targeted exercises like the love handles, back or outer thighs.

Any cosmetic surgeon will tell you that the best solution for getting lipo results that last is to begin with a solid foundation by achieving and maintaining your target weight well before your procedure. For patients in Detroit, this means staying active even during our long winters, and making sure to eat the right foods like lean cuts of meat and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. In short, getting and staying in shape sets the stage for great liposuction results.

After your procedure, simply maintain the great habits you’ve already established. Although no cosmetic surgery can completely prevent future weight gain, patients who continue with the patterns they’ve already developed to stay active and healthy are going to be less likely to gain so much weight back that they lose the results of their original liposuction.

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