Why Body-Jet® Liposuction Is Better

Liposuction Is Better

Liposuction can be the perfect solution for finally eliminating stubborn fat deposits that linger despite having reached your target weight. Even with the help of diet and exercise, it can be hard to achieve the right body contours. Although liposuction remains the gold standard for body sculpting, Body-Jet® lipo takes those advantages just a few steps further.

The Basics of Body Contouring

Traditional tumescent liposuction begins with a few very tiny incisions, just large enough to allow the cannula, a hollow surgical wand about the diameter of a pencil, to pass through. Next, a special saline solution is injected and allowed to sit long enough to saturate the area. This solution contains a mixture of sterile saline plus a lidocaine to serve as a local anesthetic in the treated area for improved patient comfort both during and after the procedure. The tumescent solution also contains epinephrine to constrict the capillaries in the treated area to reduce bleeding.

After the fat cells have broken apart and loosened, gentle suction is used to begin the removal process. This often has to be accompanied by a vigorous back-and-forth motion as the surgeon uses the cannula to further break up the fat deposits while suctioning them away simultaneously. Although traditional liposuction does improve body contours, the procedure can result in temporary bruising and soreness as a result of the physical work needed to fully remove the fat cells.

How Body-Jet® Is Different

The way Body-Jet® liposuction works is by using a small water jet that aims a fan-shaped pulse of high-powered water jets at the fatty tissue to break apart and loosen the cells. Not only is it highly effective as a body sculpting procedure, but the results come at a much lower physical cost to patients. Body-Jet® lipo recovery involves much less swelling or bruising than traditional lipo, because there is less physical trauma during the procedure. This means a faster and more comfortable recovery.

When the fat cells are separated by the jet-assisted waterpower of Body-Jet®, they can be removed far more gently compared to the chemical loosening that occurs with traditional tumescent lipo. Swelling after the procedure is also reduced; since Body-Jet® liposuction doesn’t include the saturation stage that’s needed during tumescent liposuction, less fluid remains in the body following the surgery.

Recovery & Results

The Body-Jet® procedure requires much less anesthetic and is less invasive compared to traditional lipo, which allows patients to get back to their lives much sooner after their plastic surgery. Most Detroit patients are usually back to work within just a few days. There’s also no need for general anesthesia during Body-Jet® lipo, which means a much lower risk of side effects during surgery and no overnight stay in the hospital. This combination can greatly reduce the overall cost of your procedure.

Finally, with the lower volume of liquid being used, your surgeon can see more clearly how your underlying tissues are being sculpted throughout the liposuction process. Too much tumescent fluid used during traditional lipo can cause mistakes in judgment that lead to subpar results. The Body-Jet® uses a minimal amount of water to wash away fat deposits, so your surgeon can get a greater degree of body sculpting precision. Additionally, this type of liposuction doesn’t destroy the fat cells like other lipo methods, but instead preserves their viability for use in fat transfer procedures.

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