Would You Get Breast Implants to “Save” Your Marriage?

Woman in a sports bra and workout shorts walking on the beach.

Woman in a sports bra and workout shorts walking on the beach.Please say no. Unfortunately, that’s just what head judge of Strictly Come Dancing Shirley Ballas did when she found out her husband of 23 years, Corky Ballas, was cheating on her. She thought that “making herself more attractive” with a boob job would be just the thing to save the marriage. But the inevitable divorce came in 2007, and now she’s looking to get rid of her implants.

Moral of the story? There are many, many good reasons to get breast implants—like these top five. Do it for yourself, not a flaky partner.

  1. You Want a Boost of Self-Confidence

    Have you always been self-conscious of your breast size? Some women naturally have underdeveloped breasts, which can cause self-esteem issues. Having smaller bazingas can also make it hard to flaunt the clothing styles you want to wear, as most clothes are designed to fit around a C cup.

    So as long as you’re totally doing this for yourself and don’t feel any pressure to get a boob job for someone else, go for it, girlfriend.

  2. Your Breasts Are Naturally Lopsided

    Truth be told, virtually no one has perfectly symmetrical boobs to begin with. But if yours seem extra lopsided and it bothers you or makes it hard to buy bras and swimsuits, breast enhancement could be for you.

    Your plastic surgeon can find the perfect balance of size for each individual implant to help make your knockers more symmetrical. The right implants can even help to change the shape of your natural breasts, if that’s also a trouble on your mind.

  3. You Just Hit a Weight Loss Goal

    After losing major pounds, you might see the best results with a combo breast lift and implants.

    You go, girl! Look at you, losing weight, leading a healthy lifestyle, conquering your goals like it’s your job. Now, if there was only something you could do to fine-tune those results. You’re in luck—there is. Sometimes, significant weight loss can leave your breasts looking a little droopy or deflated. Breast augmentation to the rescue!

    You’ve already done the hard part, so why not reward yourself with a boob job that’ll complete your new look?

  4. You’ve Had Kids

    Those little bundles of joy sure can change a lot about our lives—including some parts of our bodies. Breast implants can take away that deflated look that’s known to happen after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is another scenario that might call for a combination breast lift and implants, depending on the severity of boob saggage and your goals.

    If the girls aren’t the only area that could use a little tune-up after having kids, think about a mommy makeover. These procedures are totally customizable to fit your unique needs.

  5. You’ve Had a Mastectomy

    Following a mastectomy, many women choose to get breast implants to help them regain their sense of femininity. If this is a goal for you, talk to an experienced plastic surgeon about breast reconstruction and implants and feel more like yourself again, chica!

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Would You Get Breast Implants to “Save” Your Marriage?
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Would You Get Breast Implants to “Save” Your Marriage?
Why get breast augmentation? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe explains one big reason NOT to get a boob job, and a bajillion better reasons to go for it.
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