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Will Your New Baby Ruin Your Boob Job?

Boob Job

You’ve peed on a stick, Boob Job you’ve been to the doctor, and the results are in: you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy is always an exciting time, but as many of us know, the physical changes that come along with it can be…well…significant. Pregnancy is notorious for changing the size and shape of our boobs. But what if you’ve had breast augmentation? Does a new bundle of joy mean an end to your coveted curves? Let’s take a look.

Your Changing Body

Before we get into how a baby can affect your boob job, let’s take a look at what happens to your breasts during pregnancy. Pregnancy causes your hormones to fluctuate wildly, causing side effects that range from sobbing at the slightest provocation to cravings for pickles and ice cream. These hormones are a big part of why your breasts change. Increases in milk production and blood flow to the tissue can create size fluctuation and tenderness.

So what does this mean for your implants?

Technically, nothing. Pregnancy itself has no effect on the integrity of your implants. What will change, though, is your breast tissue.

Pregnancy Concerns

Many women find that their breasts get bigger during pregnancy, creating a situation where the expanding breast tissue stretches out the skin. Once you’re done nursing, the tissue shrinks and you’re left with stretched breasts that may sag or hang lower than you’re used to. This issue can be frustrating for women who enjoyed the size and fullness of their breasts during pregnancy, and may require a breast lift to correct.

Having said that, there’s no guarantee that you’ll need additional procedures to maintain your figure after pregnancy. Many women come away from the experience just fine—it’s up to you to decide whether your post-baby figure could benefit from another boost.

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