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Why Going Smaller is the New “Black” in Breast Augmentation

RaveBabe - Kaufman Breast Augmentation Sweet Cleavage

RaveBabe - Kaufman Breast Augmentation Sweet CleavageEveryone has their favorite “little black dress” — you know, the sleek, oh-so-comfy dress in the front of your closet that’s dependable no matter what. Well, now you could say that the trend toward smaller breast implants is similar to that LBD hanging in your closet.

These things are dependable, look great no matter what and have a way of boosting your self-esteem. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many women say that smaller breast implant sizes are the way to go.

1. They Look Au Naturel

Want a natural-looking boob job? Make sure your implants are a good fit for your body size, type and proportions.

The ultra-large, sometimes cartoonish looking boobs that many used to associate with the stereotypical breast augmentation is a far cry from what modern breast enhancement results look like. Today, most women are going for a seamless, natural look, which is easily achieved with a modest or even small breast implant size.

2. They’ll Be Less Likely to Kill Your Exercise Vibe

Any lady with large breasts will tell you that working out with some super-sized melons can be a bit of a challenge, whether they’re natural or enhanced. If working out is part of your daily routine, or if you’re dead-set on fitting into the latest Instagram-inspired sports bras and tops, erring on the smaller side of your breast augmentation could be a good bet.

3. There Could Be Fewer Risks

Breast augmentation is generally safe and effective no matter what size implants you get. But there is some evidence that smaller implants may be less likely to cause what’s called capsular contracture than their larger counterparts.

Capsular contracture happens when your body treats your new breast implants as a foreign body and essentially forms a capsule or sac around them. Sometimes, this capsule can become thick and harden, which can put pressure on your implants and cause discomfort and change the shape of your breasts.

Smaller breast implants might make this less likely to happen, although there’s no way to eliminate the risk altogether.

4. Recovery Could Be a Bit Simpler

While I’m saying you’ll be able to jump right back into the office or the gym after your breast enhancement, going for smaller implants could help you recover and see results a little more quickly than with larger implants.

Smaller breast implants tend to settle into place more quickly, and you’ll likely have a more comfortable recovery experience because of it. You might also have slightly shorter incisions to accommodate your smaller implants, helping your body heal more quickly.

5. Your Results Might Be Longer-Lasting

Again, I’m not here to make you any guarantees. But science and gravity are on your side when it comes to the progression of breast sagging and drooping over time. The lighter the implants, the longer it’ll take the forces of gravity to drag them down, so you could enjoy longer breast enhancement results before an implant revision might be necessary down the road if you opt for smaller jugs now.

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Why Going Smaller is the New “Black” in Breast Augmentation
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Why Going Smaller is the New “Black” in Breast Augmentation
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