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Why Get an Average Boob Job, When You Could Be a Dragon Girl?

woman next to gargoyle

woman next to gargoylePlastic surgery was once seen as something exceptional. Everyone gossiped about their neighbor or cousin who – gasp! – got a boob job. But now? Who hasn’t a little something nipped, tucked or injected?

No. To turn heads for the simple fact that you’ve had surgery, you need to go to the extremes.

Enter Amber Luke, the Dragon Girl from Down Under.

Would You Go Blind for Beauty?

Probably not. But you know who would? Amber Luke. Luckily, it was temporary, but tattooing your eyeballs comes with certain risks. Yes, she did that. She also has spent over $120,000 on modifying her body, getting crystal fang implants, breast augmentation, filler, pointed ear implants, a Brazilian butt lift and more than 600 tattoos.

Hey, more power to her. If that’s the look and the life she wants, she should go for it! But you don’t need to go to the same extreme to turn heads.

So, What Are Good Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery?

Listen, becoming a dragon girl isn’t a bad reason to get plastic surgery if that’s your goal in life. There’s no shame in becoming the person you want to be, no matter how out there that person is. However, there are more widely applicable good reasons to get plastic surgery than that. These include:

There are plenty of great reasons to get plastic surgery, and chances are you are motivated by a healthy desire for change.

Boosting Your Confidence

This is the most common reason to get plastic surgery and absolutely one of the best. Yes, we know: online culture is all about body positivity right now, but whatever. No one is absolutely in love with every aspect of themselves, and if it is acceptable to work on your mental health, physical health and mindfulness, why shouldn’t you get a tummy tuck or lipo if that could help you smile when you look in the mirror?

Improving Your Physical Comfort

Giving your confidence a boost might enhance your mental comfort, but plastic surgery can improve physical comfort as well. If you have overly large breasts, a lift and reduction can lessen your back, shoulder and neck pain. If you’ve lost a massive amount of weight or were left with a saggy tummy after having children, skin removal can eliminate fungal infections and stop uncomfortable pulling when you exercise. And if your muscles have become weak or separated, a tummy tuck can tighten them again.

Breathing Easier

And no, we don’t mean because feeling insecure has you always holding your breath. We mean that you can literally breathe easier after rhinoplasty. If your nose has a shape you dislike, it might be more than cosmetic; you could have a deviated septum. Rhinoplasty and correct this and have you breathing like you never knew you could.

Are There Bas Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery?

100%! Something to consider when weighing the pros and cons of plastic surgery is that you might be feeling drawn to it for the wrong reasons. These include:

  • Trying to make someone else happy.
  • Wanting to look just like a celeb.
  • Looking to lose weight (that would be bariatric surgery, not plastic).

Of course, you’re a smart cookie, so you probably already knew those were bad reasons to go under the knife. Still, take time to examine your motivations before scheduling your surgery.

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Why Get an Average Boob Job, When You Could Be a Dragon Girl?
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Why Get an Average Boob Job, When You Could Be a Dragon Girl?
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