What’s Next When You Decide Those Supersize Boobs Aren’t for You?

woman with large breasts

woman with large breastsDid you know that supersize boobs are out and small, natural-looking ta-tas are in? If you’re thinking about getting on board with this breast augmentation trend and giving the girls a much-needed makeover, here are three things you might want to do first.

  1. Make a Boob-Cast

    Worried that no one will believe you ever had 32Gs after your breast revision surgery? Why not make a paper mache cast of your giant boobs à la Real Housewives star Kelly Dodd for proof first? That’s right, Ms. Dodd took to her beachfront California balcony while her husband, Michael, did the honors.

  2. Throw a Boob-Voyage Party

    What better way to say sayonara to your oversized boob job than to throw a proper bye-bye boobies shindig? If you time it right, your boob-cast could even make its public debut.

    Real talk, there’s no way you’re going to miss the back pain and countless wardrobe malfunctions that those big kahunas have caused you over the years.

  3. Find a Plastic Surgeon with Experience

    Even if you want to skip out on #1 and #2, and no one would be judging if you did, you definitely want to be sure to check this step off your list before your breast implant revision. Skill, experience and board certification are worth their weight in gold when it comes to your boob job, whether it’s your first or second!

    Do your homework before picking a plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation revision so you can be even happier with your new and improved results.

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What's Next When You Decide Those Supersize Boobs Aren't for You?
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What's Next When You Decide Those Supersize Boobs Aren't for You?
Did you know that downgrading to smaller boobies is one of the biggest breast augmentation trends right now? RaveBabe helps you plan your revision surgery.
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