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What the Heck Are “Furry” Implants?

Furry implants

Furry implantsThere’s a lot of buzz over “furry” implants, sometimes also known as “furry Brazilians.” Although not currently FDA-approved for use in the United States, some women are interested enough in furry implants to consider traveling abroad for their breast augmentation. What they heck are they, and how did they get that name?

How They Got Their Name

The nickname can be attributed to the outer shell of the implant, which is made from polyurethane foam. This material gives the exterior of the implant a soft, fuzzy texture that’s different from the smooth outer shells of traditional implants. They are then filled with silicone gel, just like typical silicone implants.

How They’re Different

Proponents often point to studies showing that patients choosing furry implants are less likely to experience capsular contracture, which is the development of excessive scar tissue around the implant. Severe capsular contracture can be painful for the patient and may even alter the appearance of the breast, which could require revision surgery to correct.

Additionally, because of their textured exterior, furry implants do not rotate within the surgical pocket. Women who are concerned about mild sagging in the future may find furry implants more appealing because they typically stay where they’re placed.

Decisions, Decisions

When deciding to get breast implants, a woman will have to make many choices before her procedure, including finding a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation, talking about implant sizes and profiles and what her ideal final result should be. Although there are many purported benefits to furry Brazilians, it’s best to stick with the tried and true FDA-approved implants for results you can count on.

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