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The Skinny on Breast Implant Revision Scars

Breast Implant

Breast Implant RevisionIt’s not uncommon for women with breast implants to have breast implant revision surgery at some point in their lives, whether because of an implant issue or simply to update their augmentation results. As with any surgery, breast implant revision requires incisions, which inevitably results in some amount of scarring. However, breast implant revision doesn’t necessarily mean that scars will affect your final results.

Using the Inframammary Incision

If your initial breast augmentation was performed using an inframammary incision, or an incision along the natural crease below the breast, there is a good chance that your plastic surgeon can use this same incision to perform your breast implant revision surgery. Reusing the inframammary incision means that the surgery may not result in any additional scars.

Healthy Scar Healing

If your surgeon does need to create a new incision to perform your breast implant revision, all is not lost. Depending on your skin tone, lifestyle and how your body responds to surgery, your scars can fade to a point of being hardly detectable. Keeping the area moisturized, clean and protected from the sun can encourage minimal scarring. Scars take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to fully heal.

Breast Scar Revision

Finally, women who are concerned with unwanted scars on their breasts can ask their surgeon about the benefits of breast scar revision. Breast scar revision uses a customized approach to treat each individual scar and encourage optimal healing so that the scar conforms to your skin tone and texture, allowing you to enjoy beautiful and natural looking breast implant results.

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