The Legit Lowdown on Getting BOTOX® in Your 20s

Getting BOTOX

Getting BOTOXIs it ever too early to get BOTOX®? If you’re thinking about getting BOTOX in your 20s, this thought might have crossed your mind. But the truth is, there really isn’t any right or wrong age to get injectable wrinkle treatment—it depends on each unique situation. No matter your age, know these three facts about BOTOX before deciding yeah or nay.

  1. Age Is Just a Number, Seriously

    When it comes to getting BOTOX, your age matters way less than you probably think. Some people have deep lines or creases that develop early on in life thanks to good old-fashioned genetics. Other lucky ducks have smooth, porcelain skin well into their 30s or 40s. So whether or not you could benefit from BOTOX in your 20s really depends on your skin.

  2. Results Don’t Happen Overnight

    Maybe don’t plan a hot date for the day after getting BOTOX.

    Don’t be surprised if you wake up the next morning with bruises on your forehead and a strange look to your face. It can take a few days—sometimes even up to two weeks—to see your full results.

  3. Psst, Nobody Has to Know

    Botox doesn’t have to leave you looking like a Stepford wife. In fact, it shouldn’t. Don’t be offended if your friends or even your boyfriend don’t really notice that you had BOTOX at all. That’s the point—to look like you, just refreshed. Like you managed to fit a nice beauty rest into your busy schedule.

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The Legit Lowdown on Getting BOTOX® in Your 20s
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The Legit Lowdown on Getting BOTOX® in Your 20s
Should you get BOTOX in your 20s? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe gives the lowdown on what you need to know before getting BOTOX at any age.
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