How to Avoid the Frozen-Faced BOTOX® Look

frozen botox face

frozen botox faceIt’s that time of year when a good portion of the country is in the midst of a deep freeze.

But just because winter temps have plunged the mercury to sub-zero temps and transformed lakes and ponds into frozen icy tundrasdoesn’t mean you should follow suit and freeze your face with BOTOX®.

BOTOX® Gone Bad

You’ve seen the near-frozen expressions of celebrities and movie stars at award shows. They probably paid a visit to their aesthetician just before their red carpet appearance, hoping to freshen their face for the cameras. But there’s a big difference between a fresh-face and a frozen one.

BOTOX® Done the Right Way

When used as a cosmetic treatment, the goal of BOTOX® Cosmeticis to minimize the appearance of dynamic wrinkles in the face, not to stifle all movement and expression.

After a BOTOX® Cosmetic injection, you should not look like you’re auditioning for a spot in the robot apocalypse.

BOTOX® done the right way should leave you with the ability to smile and make all of your normal facial expressions, while leaving you a bit more fresh-faced.

Stick to the Pros

So how do you avoid overzealous BOTOX® injectors whose heavy-handedness would leave you looking like a wax figure rather than your very real, human self? For starters, stick with a board-certified dermatologist for all of your med spa needs. Whether you’re interested in IPL therapy treatments, laser hair removal or injectables, a board-certified dermatologist has the skills, training and credentials to understand that less is more when it comes to BOTOX®. Working with a professional injector can help you to look rejuvenated, while avoiding the overdone or plastic appearance that befalls too many starlets during awards season.


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How to Avoid the Frozen-Faced BOTOX® Look
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How to Avoid the Frozen-Faced BOTOX® Look
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