Boob Jobs

The Guy Who Lost a Bet, Got Breast Implants & Kept Them

Woman with hot sexy breasts in lingerie

Woman with hot sexy breasts in lingerieIt’s all about the moobs, friend. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Man boobs are the way to win big. That’s probably why Las Vegas gambler and magician Brian Zembic has kept his $100,000 boob job.

In 1998, a backgammon player bet Zembic $100,000 that he wouldn’t get breast implants and let them adorn his chest for a full year. Zembic went for C-cup breasts and held on to them. We’re not really sure why, even after hearing his explanation. “I got lazy. I was busy gambling and, honestly, they grew on me,” Zembic said in November 2015. “Plus it hasn’t hurt my ability to get girls.”

Is the Price Right?

They say money talks, so how much money does it take to say, “Go for the man boobs?” Is $100,000 really enough? For the right wager, maybe there’s a whole slew of men that would sign up for procedures typically considered the domain of women. Or maybe only the bravest (or drunkest) gambler dares to tread in breast implant territory.

Facing the Hard Truth

Although Zembic got rich off of his breast implants, making a living from a boob job probably isn’t the brightest idea out there, nor the most reliable source of income. How about you keep your legit job and pay for your breast augmentation yourself? We won’t judge you for being a smart, responsible adult who knows a little something about a financing plan to cover those new boobs. Now that is a bright idea.

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