Brazilian Butt Lift

The BBL, Because Sometimes You Just Want to Have a Kardashian Butt

Woman's buttocks in short jean shorts

Woman's buttocks in short jean shortsTrue life: your butt could look like Kim K’s. But that doesn’t mean you’ll turn into her. If you want a little extra junk in the ole trunk, here’s what you should know before feverishly Googling “Brazilian buttock lifts near me” and scheduling the next available appointment.

Should Your BBL Be on MTV?

Have you seen the new MTV True Life reboots? One of the latest episodes featured several real-life people whose life goal is to be Kim Kardashian. Very realistic, right? Well if you think there’s something a little off about wanting to turn into a celebrity, you might want to check your BBL goals for a hot sec.

A BBL can absolutely help you get a fuller behind and sexy, smooth curves. But it’s not going to make you Insta famous or change your last name. Or make you look like someone completely different, for that matter. So go ahead, butt lift away, but keep your goals in check.

I’m Ready for My Close-up

Quick tip: if MTV wants to film your BBL, you’re probably doing it wrong.

So you’re totes ready for a BBL, you’ve got realistic expectations and now it’s time to find a BBL cosmetic surgeon near you. Always triple-check for medical schooling and affiliations with medical organizations.

Oh, and if they’re willing to try to turn you into Kimmy K, your red flag radar should be going wild. A reputable cosmetic surgeon should help you rein in your goals so you get a bangin’ bod that’s still super natural-looking.


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The BBL, Because Sometimes You Just Want to Have a Kardashian Butt
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The BBL, Because Sometimes You Just Want to Have a Kardashian Butt
Looking for a Brazilian buttock lift near you? Before you jump right in, plastic surgery personality RaveBabe shares a few must-know pointers.
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