Brazilian Butt Lift

Picking an Inexperienced Cosmetic Surgeon for a BBL Is a Really Big Don’t

Woman's buttocks in bikini at the beach.

Woman's buttocks in bikini at the beach.It seems like we’ve been calling every year for the last five “the year of the rear,” since Brazilian butt lifts continue to skyrocket in popularity with every turn of the calendar. Some cosmetic surgeons say celebs like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are largely to blame for the increased interest in bigger booties.

Whatever the reason, if you’re picking a plastic surgeon for a Brazilian butt lift, you’ve GOT to do your research. Going with any Joe Schmoe who claims to be qualified could potentially cost you your life.

Cosmetic Surgery Is Still Surgery, People!

Some people get it in their heads that just because they’re getting an elective procedure for purely cosmetic reasons that it’s somehow not classified as a “real” surgery. This false sense of security is probably one of the biggest reasons why lots of people are still allowing cheap, unqualified “doctors” to perform surgeries like the BBL.

But the fact of the matter is that people really do have serious medical complications and some people even lose their lives due to botched surgeries from fake plastic surgeons. One of the biggest risks of an unskilled BBL is fat embolism, which happens when the transferred fat makes its way into your bloodstream.  

Please, don’t sacrifice your health for a cheapo deal on plastic surgery.

How to Pick the Perfect BBL Surgeon

The choice you make when picking a BBL plastic surgeon can make or break your entire procedure and could mean the difference between getting a beautiful, round behind and ending up in the emergency room. Checking off this list is a big MUST:

  • Affiliations with accredited medical associations
  • Before and after BBL photos
  • Extensive experience performing BBLs
  • Online reviews
  • A clean, organized office
  • Realistic rates


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Picking an Inexperienced Cosmetic Surgeon for a BBL Is a Really Big Don’t
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Picking an Inexperienced Cosmetic Surgeon for a BBL Is a Really Big Don’t
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