Brazilian Butt Lift

Mythbusting the Brazilian Butt Lift: Do You Know the Facts?

woman on beach in bikini

woman on beach in bikiniThese days, it seems there are juicy booties everywhere you look. And that’s not a bad thing! Brazilian butt lifts have become big business for cosmetic surgeons and sketchy back-alley injectors alike. (And if you value your life, never, ever go to a back-alley or basement injector for anything, okay?)

As the Brazilian butt lift increases in popularity, so too do the myths surrounding it. Let’s blast through the falsehoods about BBLs in service of the truth.

Your Butt Is Not a Platter

A butler makes a much better server than your butt.

Maybe you saw that infamous image of Kim Kardashian on the cover of Paper Magazine, a champagne glass perfectly perched on her derrière and thought to yourself, “Fabulous idea. For my next soirée, I shall serve flutes of champagne from the accommodating platter of my backside.” Hate to break it to you, but a Brazilian butt lift will not transform your booty into a serving tray.

Fix-a-Flat Is Not an Acceptable Injectable

This is a public service announcement: Fix-a-Flat®, Super Glue® or anything that is not your own body fat has no business being injected into your body. There are too many stories of people trying to boost their booty on a budget, and they end up in shady settings with toxic substances being added to their butts. Stick with a trusted board-certified cosmetic surgeon for your Brazilian butt lift.

Natural Results Are Possible

Not all Brazilian butt lifts result in supersized booties or bubble butts. In fact, many women prefer a more proportionate look. A Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat, harvested by liposuction, to add volume to the backside. You can share photos of what you’d like your final results to look like so your cosmetic surgeon has a clear idea of your goals.


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Mythbusting the Brazilian Butt Lift: Do You Know the Facts?
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Mythbusting the Brazilian Butt Lift: Do You Know the Facts?
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