Brazilian Butt Lift

Could a BBL Free Your Inner Belfie Queen?

sexy belfie queen

sexy belfie queenUnless you’re living under a rock without internet access, you’ve surely seen the Instagram fitness models who make having a perfectly shaped butt look easy. But here’s the truth: getting a butt that big is usually not possible through exercise alone, no matter how many squats you’re doing.

So how can you join the ranks of Instagrams belfie queens? Why, you could get a 2-in-1 liposuction and Brazilian butt lift!

How to BBL Your Way to Instagram Stardom

Disclaimer: the point of getting a BBL isn’t to showcase your backside on the internet. But it can be a nice perk. Fitness model and belfie queen Amanda Lee has made the butt selfie (aka “belfie”) the new Instagram trend of the year—or maybe even decade—with sizzling hot pics that pull in upwards of $20k per post. Wowza!

But even though these girls spend some serious time in the gym, all the leg days in the world can’t always give you the big, round butt of your dreams. That’s where the Brazilian butt lift comes in. The BBL is actually a 2-in-1 procedure that starts with liposuction and ends with your body’s own fat cells being injected into your backside for that plump, irresistibly curvy shape and perfect belfie shot.

A BBL can be a girl’s best friend, even if you’re naturally petite.

Don’t Forget Your Belfie Stick

Back in 2015, someone actually decided to manufacture the Belfie Stick to make taking pictures of your behind a little easier. Although these things are hard to come by now (gee, I wonder why?), you can still snag yourself a suction cup wall mount for your phone, in case you need a little extra help showcasing your new butt on Insta.


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Could a BBL Free Your Inner Belfie Queen?
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Could a BBL Free Your Inner Belfie Queen?
Did you know that a Brazilian butt lift includes liposuction? RaveBabe explains how this 2-in-1 procedure could up your belfie game for real.
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