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Smaller Boobs, Bigger Butts: 2017 is Year of the Rear

Smaller Boobs

Smaller BoobsThanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez flaunting their fantastic curves proudly, 2017 will likely be another Year of the Rear. 2016’s love for the Brazilian Butt Lift looks set to continue as cosmetic surgery trends point to smaller boobs and bigger butts. It’s official – we like big butts! So, what’s hot in the world of cosmetic surgery so far this year?

2017 Cosmetic Surgery Trends: Brazilian Butt Lift

According to one plastic surgeon, the demand for Brazilian Butt Lifts has rocketed by 500 percent over the past few months and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The procedure, which combines liposuction with enhanced butt volume, can sculpt the waist, back and belly to create a fuller butt and a shapelier silhouette.

Fat cells harvested during the sculpting phase are used to enhance the buttocks, leaving you with the butt of your dreams.

You may wish to have liposuction on other body areas, too, to help maximize the results. This can be discussed during your initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon.

In Other Cosmetic Surgery Trends: Boobs

As mentioned earlier, boobs are now getting smaller as butts get bigger. Not only are more women opting for less volume, they’re also asking for smaller nipples. The same source also revealed that quick cosmetic procedures are becoming more popular, as more of us opt for “walk-in, walk-out” improvements that can be done using local rather than general anesthesia. Whether you’re interested in a quick fix, small boobs or an enhanced butt, it’s important to do what makes you feel happy, rather than simply following trends. Remember, you should only use a reputable cosmetic surgeon’s clinic, whatever you opt for.

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