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Should You Surgically Change the Color of Your Eyes?

surgical change eye color

Your EyesHave you ever wished that your eyes were a different color? Would you prefer blue, green, hazel or brown? There are some unusual cosmetic surgery options available and one of them involves permanently changing your eye color by having artificial irises implanted. There are, of course, less invasive ways of changing the color of your eyes, like those colored contact lenses we loved as teens.

Artificial Irises or Colored Contact Lenses?

The somewhat controversial method of permanently altering your eye color is done by implanting prosthetic irises into the eyes. If this is something you feel particularly strongly about, then by all means go for it, but maybe try colored contact lenses first in case you hate it. Basically, don’t have eyeball surgery unless you’re 100 percent sure it’s what you want (and make sure to choose a reputable eye surgeon if you do).

Enhance Your Eyes with Eyelid Surgery

Rather than actual eye implants, how about considering eyelid surgery as a means of improving the appearance of your eyes? Is it really the color of your eyes that you’re worried about, or is it other issues such as droopy lids, puffiness or premature aging?

    If you’re not quite ready to have a new iris implanted, you could consider enhancing your eyelids instead. 

 Eyelid surgery could improve your appearance, which could then be highlighted with some colored contact lenses, or eventually artificial irises if you do decide to go down the permanent route.

Whichever option you choose in your quest for striking, beautiful-looking eyes, remember to always use a reputable cosmetic surgeon, as this is one area you definitely should not skimp on.

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