Eyelid Surgery

3 Reasons Blepharoplasty Is Eye-Poppingly Great


Unless you’ve built your entire career around your he Blepharoplasty avy-lidded, seductive eyes to the point where they’re practically considered a trademark, having seriously hooded eyelids can be a practical and an aesthetic disadvantage. There are three reasons why an expertly executed eyelid lift so regularly lands rave reviews.

  1. Eyelid Surgery Can Help You Look Younger

    By removing the excess, sagging skin from your upper lid, you’ll take years off of your appearance. Very often, the tissue surrounding the eyes loses firmness, and begins to gradually drop. While saggy eyelids can be manageable and even attractive when you’re young, if the drooping begins to get severe, it can give the impression that you’re significantly older than you are… and permanently tired to boot.

  2. Eyelid Surgery Can Improve Your Vision

    Who would’ve thought that drooping eyelids could actually impede sight? Funny how no one considers that when we point to celebrities who might have had upper blepharoplasty. (“OMG, she totally had her eyes done! Hollywood people are so vain.”) Heaven forbid anyone have actual medical reasons for eyelid surgery.

    Well, drooping eyelids definitely can affect vision, if sagging (ptosis) is severe enough. By lifting hooded eyelids, you’ll remove your naturally occurring optical obstacle.

  3. Blepharoplasty Can Remove Under-Eye Bags

    All the cucumber slices in the world won’t shrink that luggage dangling under your peepers. However, eyelid surgery can help you look refreshed by removing the puffiness from fat deposits that gradually collect in the lower lids.

    It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Don’t let your soul-windows be obscured by wrinkled flesh-curtains.

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