Nose Job

Nose Hair Extensions!?

woman covering nose

woman covering noseUgh, what!? This is the world we live in, folks. Nose hair extensions are one of the latest fashion trends sweeping Instagram and we are not amused. Can we please just bring back the one-finger selfie? To be clear, this is not a hoax. Real people are putting tiny little hairs – the same ones used for eyelash extensions – in a ring around their nostrils and then taking pictures of themselves as if it’s a good thing.

The Case against Nose Hair Extensions

If there’s one thing our divided nation can agree on during these troubled times, it’s that nose hair extensions are super gross.

If you’re not sure whether nose hair extensions are right for you, may we suggest that they are not. In fact, nose hair extensions are really not right for anyone. First, they are extremely gross. No matter how beautiful and exquisite you are, you cannot pull this off. No love ballad ever poetically described a woman’s long, protruding nose hairs.

There Is a Non-Weird Way to Improve Your Nose

Unless you must absolutely do so for artistic reasons, please refrain from gluing tiny little hairs to your nostrils. If your goal is to make your nose look better (or draw attention from what you don’t like about your nose), there’s this amazing thing called a nose job. And bonus – it is actually effective. These days, rhinoplasty is a highly customized procedure, and an experienced plastic surgeon can use some pretty nifty techniques to carefully sculpt and reshape your nose.

Finally, if you know people who are into this trend, help them. Friends don’t let friends put fake eyelashes in their noses.


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Would You Seriously Try Nose Hair Extensions!?
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Would You Seriously Try Nose Hair Extensions!?
There are some things about nose jobs you need to know. And one of them is that rhinoplasty can improve your nose, unlike nose hair extensions.
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