Nose Job

The Importance of Customized Rhinoplasty

Customized Rhinoplasty

Ever since Prince William married Kate Middleton, plastic surgeons have seen a dramatic uptick in requests for noses that look just like Kate’s. While the Duchess of Windsor has a lovely nose, that doesn’t mean that her exact shape and profile will look right on someone else’s face. The best rhinoplasty surgeons in San Diego understand that the ideal nose for you is one that’s customized from start to finish, not one that looks like a celebrity’s nose.

Understanding Facial Harmony

Many people don’t realize that the nose is one of the primary contributors to establishing harmony among all the facial features. A nose that looks too large for the face can make your chin and cheekbones look too small, while a nose that’s too small may make your other features seem overwhelming. A “just right” nose will bring out the best in your face, helping the other features look more proportionate and balanced.

A skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who understands the delicate nature of rhinoplasty will work closely with you to make sure that you’re getting the results you want. This means taking a completely individualized approach toward each and every nose job to ensure that your facial features bring out the best in each other.

Kate Middleton has a great nose because it works with the rest of her face. On someone else, that nose might not look half so perfect. When it comes to your appearance, the key to success is to focus on bringing out the best of your own unique qualities, not taking someone else’s nose and making that your centerpiece.

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