Nose Job

Can a Computer Give You a Better Nose?

Better Nose

Better Nose In the age of technology, it seems that computers can do it all. Not only can your iPhone monitor your heart rate and scan documents, but you can also get a better look at your potential nose job results from computer imaging. It’s only a matter of time before our MacBooks start cooking our eggs and bacon in the morning. (But hey, who’s complaining?)

The Singularity Is Coming

Okay, so maybe the breakfast thing is a few years away. But accurately predicting rhinoplasty results with computer graphics is already out there, which means that prospective patients looking to reduce, reshape or increase the size of their honker can get a pretty good idea of what a nose job can do for them. Basically, your surgeon can use photos of your facial profile to morph your nose on his or her computer screen, allowing you to see the sorts of changes that are possible with a variety of rhinoplasty techniques.

Removing Subjectivity

Let’s face it, getting facial cosmetic surgery can feel like a huge decision, and removing the uncertainty factor by gaining a better understanding of what your nose can look like after surgery can help a ton of candidates feel more comfortable with moving forward. Computer imaging can also help you form realistic expectations about your results, a critical aspect of any cosmetic procedure.

Nose jobs are popular among both men and women of all ages and are one of the most commonly performed facial cosmetic surgeries nationwide. The procedure’s popularity means that predicting results is a key aspect of the patient experience.

Not to worry — computer imaging is here to help. Stay tuned for the app that folds your laundry, cleans your bathroom and makes your bed all before work.

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